Asbestos Removal Bolton

Global Asbestos Solutions Has over 80 years’ experience within the asbestos industry. We are a dedicated team with a lot of knowledge in all sectors and strive to be the leading experts.

Global Asbestos Solutions are a company based within the Northwest (Bolton, Wigan, Preston, Manchester, Bury, Leigh, Warrington) of England but as asbestos specialists we offer our services all over the UK to ensure the quality of work you receive is of the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our work but just as important to us is customer care from start to finish to ensure your experience is kept to the highest standard from enquiry to contact completion you will only deal with one of our dedicated team members who will assign them selves to the contract in question and give you regular updates until completion.

Services we offer:
Global Asbestos Solutions team have worked in every sector of the industry such as:
• Domestic property’s
• Social housing
• Commercial Buildings
• Railway industry
• Nuclear Sector

Asbestos Removal & Transfer:
Here at Global Asbestos Solutions we have numerous dedicated teams to carry out various roles within the asbestos industry such as:
Environment Agency Certified asbestos waste collection from all over the country.
Non – Licenced Asbestos removal – common materials/products such as:
Corrugated asbestos garage/shed roofs
External guttering & Down spouts
Asbestos floor tiles
Asbestos bitumen
Atrex/Textured ceilings and walls
Woven materials – asbestos rope is in common areas such as boilers, pipe brackets, flash guards are commonly found within the electrics
Notifiable Asbestos removal – common materials such as
Asbestos insulation board
Asbestos pipe lagging
Asbestos insulation

So, don’t hesitate to contact our office to help you out with any enquires.

Please contact the office if you require any help or advice with all aspects of demolition and we will be more than happy to put you in contact with our preferred demolition contractor.

Asbestos Surveys & Samples

As a dedicated company we strive to be the leading expert in all aspects of the industry and with surveys and sampling we have a set team to carry out all aspects of both. If you do require a survey it may be one of many but the 3 most common are:

Management Survey
Demolition Survey
Refurbishment Survey

if you require a survey please call the office today so we can help you. All our surveys are carried out using a UKAS accredited Company and all the Samples are Verified by a UKAS accredited laboratory to again raise the standards in the industry.

Land Remediation:

As many of you may or may not know asbestos has been commonly buried on many waste lands/sites over the UK and with high demand of housing and construction developments we have seen a high demand in land remediation so as a team we have dedicated a lot of time and effort into ensuring we have gained the experience and knowledge to provide you with the high standard of work you rightly deserve. So, if you have any concerns over this matter please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Soft Strip:

Global Asbestos Solutions have gained a reputation over the years for the innovative ways we help contractors to get projects complete on time with very little disturbance. So, we have a full dedicated team to carry out all the soft strip but with the asbestos training, medical, face fits and knowledge. This helps to spot any suspicious material on site that may cause major problems in the event non-asbestos trained personnel may not spot. They would also stop the job and minimise the potential exposure in the event of uncovering asbestos.

Training & Advice:
Global Asbestos Solutions has gained the trust over the years by many companies for offering the asbestos awareness training many need and want to ensure all their staff have been made aware as to what they MUST do in the event of discovering asbestos in the work place ect.

All our staff are highly trained within the asbestos industry and would welcome you to phone if you ever require our services for any one of the above. But as a concerned company if you are ever in doubt please don’t hesitate to call and we will be more than happy to help.